Screw Vacuum Pump

1. Summarization
JSP Screw vacuum pump is a kind of technologically advanced dry type vacuum pumps. It is our company’s independent research and development according to the market demands. Since the screw vacuum pump does not need to have the lubrication or the water seal, the pump chamber is completely without oil. Therefore, the screw vacuum pump has an incomparable advantage in the semiconductor, the occasions which demands clean vacuum in electronic industry, and the solvent recovery process in chemical industry.

2. Pumping Principal
Screw type vacuum pump is also known as dry screw vacuum pump. It takes advantage of the gear transmission to make the synchronous counter-rotating inter-meshing without contact two screws running in a high speed. It also uses the pump shell and the spiral of mutual engagement to separate the spiral groove, forming a plurality of stages. Gas is transferred in equal channel (cylindrical and equal pitch), but no compression, only the helical structure of the screw has a compression effect on the gas. The pressure gradient can be formed at all levels of the screw, which can be used to disperse the pressure difference and increase the compression ratio. Each clearance and rotational speed has great influence on the performance of the pump. When design the gap of the screw ministries, expansion, processing and assembly accuracy and working environment (such as the extraction of dust containing gas, etc.) should be considered. This kind of pump has no exhaust valve like the roots vacuum pump. If choose an appropriate simple screw tooth-shaped section, it will be easy to manufacture, get a high machining accuracy and easy to balance.

3. Good Characteristics
a. No oil in the pump cavity, no pollution to the vacuum system, higher quality of products.
b. No oil in the pump cavity, solved the problems of oil emulsification and frequent replacement of the working fluid, frequent maintenance and maintenance, saved the cost of using.
c. Dry running, no waste oils or oil fume, environmentally friendly, save oil resources.
d. Can be pumped with a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust of the gas. Adding accessories can also be pumped flammable and explosive and radioactive gases.
e. The ultimate pressure can reach to 5pa, suitable for medium and low vacuum. It can be equipped with roots pumps into a medium vacuum unit without oil, or equipped with molecular pumps into a high vacuum unit without oil.
f. After the anti-corrosion coating treatments, it is especially suitable for transformers, pharmaceutical, distillation, drying, degassing in the chemical processing and other suitable occasions.

4. Applications
a. Electrical: transformer, mutual inductor, epoxy resin vacuum casting, vacuum oil immersion capacitor, vacuum pressure impregnation.
b. Industrial furnace vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum annealing, vacuum gas quenching.
c. Vacuum coating: vacuum evaporation coating, vacuum magnetron sputtering coating, film winding continuous coating, ion coating, etc.
d. Metallurgy: special steel smelting, vacuum induction furnace, vacuum desulfurization, degassing.
e. Aerospace: space equipped with the spacecraft orbit module, return capsule, rocket attitude adjustment positions, space suits, astronauts capsule space, aircraft and other vacuum simulation experiments.
f. Drying: pressure swing method vacuum drying, kerosene gas box drying, wood drying, and vegetable freeze drying.
g. Chemical and pharmaceutical products: distillation, drying, degassing, material transport, etc.